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Your Gateway To
Decentralized AI

TaoPad supports the Bittensor ecosystem by facilitating streamlined access and management of TAO tokens, enhancing user engagement and participation within the decentralized AI network.

Official Contract Address: 0x5483DC6abDA5F094865120B2D251b5744fc2ECB5

TaoPad a one stop shop for Bittensor Network

TAOPAD is intricately linked with $TAO and the BitTensor network.

As the gateway into the Bittensor network from Ethereum, TaoPad enables holders of $TPAD, its token, to gain exposure to the burgeoning value accrual on the Bittensor network by acting as development agents facilitating competitve mining and validation activities on the Bittensor network and distributing rewards gained to holders of $TPAD.

This creates a unique dynamic where the growth and success of Bittensor and $TAO reciprocally benefits $TPAD holders, establishing a harmonious and symbiotic relationship between the tokens and their respective communities


Seamlessly operate within a fully decentralized ecosystem that ensures autonomy and security through blockchain technology.


Every transaction is transparent, with a clear tax mechanism that contributes to the stability and growth of the Tao ecosystem.


Powered by LayerZero, TaoPad established the first bridge for TAO from Ethereum to other EVM chains.


Designed to work in harmony with the BitTensor network, creating a symbiotic relationship that propels decentralized AI.


Gain entry to a world of opportunities with our native launchpad, a springboard for innovative projects targeting the Tao ecosystem.


Engage in a platform where your voice matters, with community-driven governance allowing token holders to steer the project's trajectory.

The $TPAD token employs a 5% tax that is utilized to fund the ecosystem of miners and validators. Tax generated by the project is utilized to procure miners and validators, in addition to paying for operational expenses, marketing and CEX listings for the Token

With every buy and sell of $TPAD a 5% fee is collected in $ETH and in the $TPAD contract. Users can interact with it, in the following ways:




Distributes all previously collected $wTAO to $TPAD holders


Users claim $wTAO rewards, after a distribution has happened

On our dAPP, users will be able to see current values of:
Pending $wTAO rewards
Rewards to distribute


Upon the acquisition and set up of miners and validators, mining operations will commence. A public dashboard will be deployed that will allow TPAD holders to view in real time, miner/validator activities and resultant rewards.

in addition to the above, the TaoPad team will develop and deploy a Telegram-based bot that users can interact with to provide information on mining statistics and rewards.
Rewards distribution prioritizes holders above all else and as such allocates a large share of rewards to them. In the following manner:



80% of mining/validator rewards to $TPAD holders

20% if mining/validator rewards to expansion wallet.

Wrapped TAO, denoted as $wTAO, is a tokenized version of the native TAO token from the BitTensor network. It is designed to be compatible with the Ethereum blockchain, enabling $TAO to be used in Ethereum's vast ecosystem of decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts.

This wrapping process allows $TAO holders to engage in activities and transactions on the Ethereum network while maintaing their invest in $wTAO. $wTAO thus bridges the BitTensor network with Ethereum, expanding the utility and accessibility of $TAO beyon its native blockchain.


Wrapped TAO

Community Strategy

Building a
Strong Community

Foundation of $TPAD: The community is the backbone of TaoPad, fostering an environment of support, engagement, and shared growth.


Interactive Platforms and Communication

Forums and Social Media: Dedicated forums and social media channels are established for real-time interactions, updates, and discussion among community members.

Transparency and Regular Updates: Commitment to transparency with regular updates about the project's progress, decision, and future plans.


and Rewards

Community Governance: Emphasizing decentralized governance, where the community has a say in key decision through a voting mechanism.

Rewards for Participation: Implementing incentive programs for active community members, rewarding contributions to the network's growth and promotion.



Educational Content: Providing resources and educational content to help community members understand the technicalities of $TPAD and the broader crypto and AI market.

Through these initiatives, TPAD aims to nurture a knowledgeable, engaged and active community, crucial for the long-term success and sustainability of the project.


  • What is $TPAD?
    TaoPad is a cryptocurrency protocol building DeFi for the BitTensor network's native token, $TAO.
  • How does TaoPad work?
    TaoPad rewards its community with a portion of taxes collected, doing buybacks, airdropping tokens of launchpad projects and distributing bridge fees to $TPAD holders
  • What is the total supply of $TPAD?
    The total supply is capped at 1 million tokens. However, there are only 650808 TPAD circulating, the rest has been burned.
  • How can I participate in the TaoPad Launchpad?
    Hold $TPAD tokens to receive a share from every token launch on the TaoPad Launchpad. Or invest with wTAO or ETH into sales you are interested in.
  • Where can I see my $TPAD tokens?
    $TPAD balances and rewards can be seen at or by adding the $TPAD token to your Wallet.
  • How can I be a part of the TaoPad community?
    Engage with the community through our forums, social media channels, and participate in governance voting.
  • Where can I find more information about TaoPad?
    You are more than welcome to hop into our TG channel and talk to our team directly.
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